Our road sweeper hire incorporates the latest technology in road sweeping.

Operational Performance

Our fleet is constantly growing with over £1m invested in new Johnston machinery, enabling us to give the best possible service to our customers. Service, reliability and customer satisfaction are always at the top our agenda.


The VT651 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments - benefits that make the Johnston V Range the sweeper of choice worldwide.

Two drive options (VT and VS) provide outstanding vacuum performance. On the VT Range, JCB auxiliary engines combined with the Johnston mechanical step-up gear box and fluid coupling, and the Johnston hydrostatic gear box drive on the VS model, provide the best efficiency ratios in the industry.

The versatile VT Range powerpack with a range of 1200 rpm – 2000 rpm, can operate efficiently in municipal environments at a lower rpm, or for one pass heavy duty resurfacing operations, the engine provides full power to ensure a clean path is all that is left behind.

There are a choice of three sweeping configurations, left hand or right hand sweeping which provides a swept width of up to 2400 mm, and simultaneous sweeping which gives a swept width of up to 3600 mm.

A stainless steel water tank is integrated into the floor of the hopper body, which provides ideal weight distribution between axles, and weight transfer during sweeping. For increased productivity, an optional water recirculation system can be installed on the V651 and V801, which can double on-station time before water refilling with the added advantage of reducing dust emissions.

Dust and debris are collected by pneumatically operated vacuum nozzles and wide diameter 250 mm nozzle trunking, maximising velocity and allowing larger debris to pass easily into the hopper.

Debris is sucked in a direct route from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper, reducing wear and tear as well as maintenance. Once in the hopper, the Johnston cyclonic airflow helps separate the debris, and clean air is then released into the atmosphere.

Additional Features

The VT651 provides a comprehensive choice of options all designed to maximise versatility and performance.

Supawash – a high pressure water jet, enables the operator to clean street furniture and pavements using either a fan or pencil jet spray. The lance and hose stows away neatly when not in use. In addition, high pressure water jets on a spray bar are positioned on the front of the cab, and others placed behind the nozzle boxes to provide deep cleansing when sweeping.

An optional Wanderhose mounted on the top of the hopper can be fitted to allow the emptying of drains along the sweeping route. If “Powaboom” is selected, controls are fitted to make movement and operation of the boom convenient, whilst the top-mounted position provides greater access to both sides of the sweeper and also shields the driver from oncoming traffic.

Combivac Nozzles – for faster sweeping with an additional brush at the rear of the vacuum nozzle.

Rear mounted Littasnatch, with a 5.5 m long lightweight suction tube for collection of debris on pavements and areas out of reach of the sweeper brushes.

Rotatilt – controlled from inside the cab, this option allows the channel brush to tilt and sweep in cambered kerbs and gutters.

Weed Ripping Brush – a heavy duty brush with thick metal tines that effectively clears vegetation that has become established in gutters.